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Downtown New Orleans was absent of people.
A Deserted New Orleans
Maybe only a third of these businesses were open.
Quiet French Quarter

There was quite a bit of activity.
Bourbon Street
A few of the horse drawn carriages were busy.
Tourists in a Carriage

There were only a few artists and astrologists.
Jackson Square
This was about the only business open
in the entire Market.
Jazz in the Farmers' Market

Last year I had great Red Beans and Rice
at this Jackson Sq. establishment.
Closed Restaurant
Toward Lake Pontchartrain, everything is closed.
Abandoned Strip Mall

For the large number of damaged houses,
there were very few trailers.
FEMA Trailers
There is no excuse for this!
An entire year later?????

This was the body of water that breached
the levees and flooded the city.
Tranquil Lake Pontchartrain Sunset


I had just visited Whistling Tom in St. Petersburg.
Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Wild flower in the Florida Keys
Cork Tree Blossom

The actual southernmost point is in the background
where the antenna are.  I was stationed there in 1962
during the Cuban Missle Crisis.
Southernmost Point, Key West
This is where I smoked the joint smelled 'round the world.
Key West Old City Hall

My friend Phil at The Last Resort biker bar
"Turtle" in Daytona
Parts of Savannah remind me of New Orleans.
Savannah City Hall

I visited Coconut Dave in Winston-Salem.
Old Salem, North Carolina
Old Salem has been beautifully restored.
Old Salem

Section that was rebuilt after being hit by a missile.
Two federal cops stopped me and made me show
them the pictures I'd taken.
The billboard requests donations to build a memorial.
This is where the world USED to look for democratic ideals.
US Capitol

Where my family lived when I was born.
Original Family Home, Mt. Holly, New Jersey

Photos of Costa Rica November 2006

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