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Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument
Mt St Helens, Washington
There was an earthquake on the
morning I arrived at Mt St Helens
Eruption and land slide

Highest mountain in the State of Washington
at 14,410 feet.
Mount Rainier, Washington
Highest mountain in Oregon
at 11,239 feet
Mount Hood, Oregon

Looking north over the rim
of the volcanic crater
Crater Lake, Oregon
Taken from an access road off US 101
Pismo Beach, California


Founded in 1786
Santa Barbara Mission
Where I had to go to court for
marijuana possesion in the mid 80s
Santa Barbara County Court House

The beginning of the parade
Old Spanish Days Fiesta
Said to be the oldest person riding horseback
(sidesaddle) in the parade
Hattie Feazelle


Walking near Muscle Beach
Noodleman at Venice Beach
I was hired as an extra to be in
the crowd scene during the filming
of the Blues Brothers Movie, (1980)
singing along with Cab Calaway and
cheering as the Blues Brothers performed.
Pantages Theater on Hollywood Blvd


On the Las Vegas Strip
New York, New York Casino
Looking north from US 160
Monument Valley

Colorful rock formations
Zion National Park
Route 9 going through a mountain
Zion National Park

The ruin is at the center-left of
this natural impression in the rock
Anasazi Pueblo
This is the Betatakin ruin at the Navaho
National Monument in Arizona
Close-up of the Pueblo ruin

Navaho Indians compete every week-end
in rodeo-type events near Mexican Water, NM
Navaho Field Day
Flowers at the side of the road
in New Mexico
Wild Flowers

Rock formations in New Mexico
Rock formations
Lilly Saloon and Opera House (background)
in Langtry, Texas
Judge Roy Bean saloon

I ate tacos for lunch in
Guadalupe Bravos, Mexico
Rio Grand Valley
The Alamo in downtown
San Antonio, Texas
The Alamo

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