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Ayutthaya and Bangkok
Oct 16th & 17th 2007

AYUTTHAYA - Second Capitol of Thailand - 1350 to 1767

Partially restored wat across the
Chao Phraya River from town
Wat Chai Watthanarm - 1630

Wat Chai Watthanarm Wat Chai Watthanarm

Lotus blossoms at Wat Phra Ram - 1369

Oldest Thai Paintings - Wat Rajaburana - 1424

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Also available at YouTube
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Wat Phra Si Sanphet - 1491

At the confluence of the Chao Phraya
and Pasak rivers
Phet Fortress - 1350

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Also available at YouTube


First time I saw the Erawan Museum
Dec 2001 (under construction) 143 ft. high

150 Ton Heads of Wat Chang Sam Sien (Three headed Elephant)

Elephant is clad in copper - 127 ft long!

Atrium and museum supporting the elephant

View VIDEO - Staircase and Stained-Glass Domed Ceiling of the Atrium
Also available at YouTube

Kneeling Worshipers inside the Elephant's Body

Colossal Modern Architecture and Construction
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