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November 2006

San Jose

Several blocks are closed to auto traffic
Walking Street - Central Blvd
Photographed from Aveneda Segunda and Calle 5
National Theater

I spent a couple of days shopping in downtown San Jose
Street scene
Hotel (background) and legal brothel (forground)
Del Mar Complex

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo was originally a small fishing village
Rasta boat
In the village there are Rastas, tourists,
Hispanics, indigenous natives, Chinese,
Afro-Americans, and ravenous mosquitos!
Rasta house

Colorful birds sang in the yard all day
Bird in the yard
I found this jungle path while
exploring on a rented bicycle
Jungle path

The jungle was also full of
singing birds and insects
Jungle tangle
I followed this little tree frog around
until it jumped onto my finger
Famous red frog

Unusual wild flowers were
growing all along the path
Tropical wild flower
This was the first time I'd ever 
seen ginger growing wild
Wild ginger


Fresh water flowing out of the jungle
Stream entering the sea
At this point, I was not far
from the border with Panama
End of the beach

Side Trip to Panama

There were lots of shoes for sale
Border town of Sixaola
I walked over the Sixaola River into Panama
Border crossing from Sixaola

I caught a tourist bus at the border,
just for the round trip ride
The bus took tourists to the river
landing where you could continue
to Bocas del Toro Island

On my bus trip I saw several
of these banana plantaions
Banana processing plant
An old train bridge was converted
so that cars and trucks could pass
over boards covering the rails
Border crossing back to Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio

The Casa Linda was only $10 a night
My hotel
There was lots of material with batik designs
and great hand painted T-shirts
Street vendors

Manuel Antonio National Park

Part of the park is a peninsula of volcanic
rock with beaches on either side
Beach in the park
The path was not maintained, wet, slipery
and hazardous, so I spent most of the
time just watching my step
Path through the park

This is an endangered variety of squirrel monkey
Squirrel Monkey
For the health of the monkeys you are
instructed never to feed them
Double trouble

The beaches in the park are the best
Park beach
The lava rocks were facinating
Rock formation


This central park is where you catch the bus
Arenal from La Fortuna
Arenal Volcano was shrouded
in clouds most of the time
Arenal in the clouds

The La Fortuna side of the volcano was not active
Lava flows in the mist
We watched the lava flows until
it rained and then we swam in the
hot, spring-fed river in Baldi
Lava flow at night

View my 20 second video of the lava flow
Also available at YouTube
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