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May 2006

View of Kowloon from my window on the 17th floor
View from my hotel window

The Ibis North Point Hotel
My hotel
Another view from the window of my hotel room
View from my hotel window

My first meal in Hong Kong
Sweet and sour pork
Center city is now almost all skyscrappers
An Old building

Out on the town my first night in Hong Kong
Night lights
Fresh meat late at night
Butcher shop

Throwbacks from the British
Double decker bus
Tin and canvas shops set up in the street
Shanty shops

I kept thinking to myself how much Hong Kong looked like Chinatown, USA
Colorful store
One variety of dozens of different mushrooms to which this store specialized
Dried mushrooms

This canal was cleaner than canals in Thailand
Buddhist temple along the canal
Buddhist temple

All the shoppers were foreign tourists
Stanley Market
Little alley near Stanley Market
Small alleyway

This little bay was behind Stanley Market
Tranquil bay

I took a motorized sampan ride around the bay
View of Aberdeen Fishing Village
When I was here in 1962 there were no buildings over 10 or 12 stories high
Skyscrapers in Aberdeen

Most of the sampans are taking tourists for a tour around the harbor
Sampans and floating restaurants
I ate here in 1962 and was taken to the restaurant by a woman who sculled me out in her sampan
Tai Pak Fook floating restaurant

It was so foggy I couldn't see Hong Kong much less the bay or Kowloon on the other side
All I could see from Victoria Peak
Lush green and tropical but cool in the fog
Walkway around Victoria Peak

The cable tram headed back down from Victoria Peak
Tram at a 45 degree angle
It is hard to stand when the tram is at such a dramatic angle
Inside the tram

On my way from the tram to the Star Ferry
Open air double decker bus
In 1962 there was a band playing traditional music, but this time in Hong Kong I didn't hear any Chinese music
Star Ferry terminal

The British handover celebration of Hong Kong to the Chinese was held in this convention center
Star Ferry and the convention center
I may have ridden on this ferry in 1962
Star Ferry plaque

Not very many of these in the bay anymore
Chinese Junk in the mist
Decoration in front of a bank
Chinese creature

On the Cathay Pacific airplane this was one of the channels on my personal TV
Takeoff thru the belly cam
My last look at Hong Kong as we took off from the airport
Glimpse of Hong Kong thru the clouds

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