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I am back again in

The view from my condo balcony has changed

from this

to this

because a major road will be going right past. Bummer!

Click here for a VIDEO of a downpour in Jomtien
Also available at YouTube
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My first trip was to Nakhon Sawan to visit the

Mom of my
I met Gop in 2001 at the restaurant
she ownes and operates in the community
where I used to live in Bangkok
woman friend, Gop.

Flower vendor in Nakhon Sawan market

Near my home between Jomtien and Pattaya

Part of a Chinese 3D mural
A German tourist said, 'Thai animals
are all sick and should be killed'

Appeared to be the place where
old altars and images are discarded

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Loy Krathong Festival on Jomtien Beach

Krathong for sale to launch out on the sea
and float your troubles away

Click here for a VIDEO of hot air, tissue paper lanterns
being launched into the air at Krathong Festival
Also available at YouTube

Click here for a VIDEO of a school parade in Pattaya
Also available at YouTube

Click here for PHOTOS from my 3rd trip to
Thailands 2nd Capitol, AYUTTHAYA

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