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Noodleman's Trip To Key West
Summer - 2008

Sunset from Mallory Square - Key West

1990 video of the Noodleman on CNN
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Friends I Visited Along The Way

Rossi and Lea
West Virginia

Coconut Dave and his mom
Winston-Salem, NC

Roddy relaxing at home
Statesville, N.C.

James in his pyramid garden
Atlanta, Ga.

Jim at his flea market store
Atlanta, Ga

Troy (sunglasses) Photo/1991 KW
Columbus, Ga

1991 video of Troy at a Noodleman Political Demontration


Forkman and Susan in Tallahassee

Heidi in Leesburg

Manatee seen from Forkman and Susans' canoe

Rick in Daytona

Turtle in South Daytona

Whistling Tom in his studio
St. Petersburg

Amber, Gregory & Jonathan
Ft. Lauderdale

Friends in Key West



Talia's swimming pool



Angela & Charles, Diana (center)

Joann and Guitar Dave

Dave and Stevie

Peddy Cab Terry

Jeep at Sunset Celebration

Dale Swordswallower

1991 Videos of Noodleman discussing Sunset Celebration on Local TV and City Commission Meeting

Barbara & granddaughter

Little John

Wally playing harp


Click here for a VIDEO of Hurricane Gustav at Higgs Beach, Key West

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