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March 2007

Photo taken as we started over
the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge
The Mekong River from the Thai side
Poor folks homes on the
banks of the Mekong
Lao homes along the Mekong

Lao equivalent of the
French Arc de Triumphe
Arch on Xing Blvd.
As you walk up many flights of stairs,
there are several floors of shops inside
Looking down from the arch

This temple is on Xing Blvd.
near the Mekong
Buddhist temple
An ancient chedi with a house
from French colonial times
Chedi and colonial home

All the policemen and women have
a smile and a greeting for you
Friendly Communist
This little place had good food
Restaurant catering to forigners

I wasn't too impressed with this
rather shabby shopping center
Main market
There were lots of shops around 
the outside of the market
Booths outside

This fellow seemed to have had beer
Relaxing in the shade
On the bus comming back, this
20 year old Laotian girl told
me I was beautiful. (I'll take
all the compliments I can at 65)
Lao lady sleeping on my shoulder

Chinese New Year

Arch at the entrance to Chinatown

Vendors along the street

Baby dressed for the occasion

Year of the Pig

Crowd in front of a temple

Red anyone?

Wat Chakrawat near Chinatown

"Roue de Paris" giant wheel at Lumphini Park

View my video of a passing express river boat on the Chao Phrya River,
with Wat Arun in the background, and ending with the Grand Palace complex.

Also available at YouTube
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