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The Noodleman visits the LONG NECKS
Thailands Northwest Frontier
APRIL 2008

I had a delightful conversation
in English and bought a DVD
Long Neck Woman
I purchased a carved
wooden figurine from
this woman
Oldest Long Neck Woman

Fabric for Sale

Head Lice Patrol

Young Woman


Riverside village

Catholic Church

Burmese Border - Thai Outpost

Our Captain

Click here for a VIDEO of Pai River trip to the Burmese border
and the Long Neck village
Also available at YouTube

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Mae Hong Son
Thailands Northwest Frontier Town

Chong Kham and Chong Klang Temples

Temple at night

Chong Klang Temple

Young Buddhist Monks
Click to study, close-up, in high resolution

Wat Hua Wiang

Click here for a VIDEO of Mae Hong Son town
Also available at YouTube

Bougainvillea - Chiang Mai

Map of Thailand

See photos and videos from
Sihanoukville, Cambodia and Koh Samet, Thailand

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