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May 2006

I flew over the North Pole on my way back to NYC from Hong Kong.
These pictures and video were taken by me using the "belly-cam" TV channel offered on this flight.

My flight had a personal TV on the
back of the seat in front of me
Tundra in Siberia
The movies were great but I kept going
back to the airplane's belly-cam
Mountains in Siberia

This Cathay Pacific A340-600 non-stop flight from
Hong Kong to NY goes over the pole
Cracks in the ice near the North Pole
Another channel told air speed, altitude,
distance and time to destination, etc.
Diagram showing the location of the plane

This was the first land mass I saw
Approaching Canada
From this altitude (38,000 feet) it is hard to believe
that these pieces of ice are many miles across
Ice breaking up

Looks like a diamond
Mountains in Northern Canada
We followed the Hudson River south for quite awhile
Hudson River

Connecticut is in the center right side of this picture
Nearing Long Island, NY
You can see the landing gear starting to come down
Approaching JFK over Long Island

View my video of the flight from Hong Kong to JFK

Also available at YouTube
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