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"English Camp"

MARCH 2007

Main entrance to the University in Bangkok
View From My Hotel Window On Campus
The 'English Camp' was held
over the weekend on the
Navy base at Satahip, Chonburi
Where We All Ate Lunch

The Navy was very attentive
to our needs - 'Thank you'
'Cop con krop'
Students Enjoying Lunch
The only problem for me was,
I could not ask for 'No MSG'
'My sy pong chew lot'
(My phonetic spelling)
The Food Served Was Delicious and Plentiful

Most of the students were women,
because most Thai men do not
study liberal arts
One of the Men's Tables
Jim (left) was self indulging and negative, but was a ham
when it came to being the MC at a couple of funtions.
Jacques, from Canada, (center) was a delightful man,
and my favorite faculty member.
Tom (right) was apparently talented when it came to
knowledge of grammar, but would be better suited as
a mercenary in Iraq than a teacher of gentle youth!
(Physicality and the threat of violence over intellect
is always a big bullies' mode of operation)
It was embarassing to watch him and a couple of other
American faculty members get drunk on beer and use
loud, vulgar language in front of these impressionable
young students.
Faculty Members

In this class we discussed the words and meaning
of the English lyrics in the Eagles song,
'Hotel California'
The Noodleman Teaching One of Five English Classes

A very attentive, intelligent
and responsive student
"Punch" - One of my Star Pupils

View a video of my students relaxing between lessons
Also available at YouTube
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