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Trip to Sihanoukville,
May 2008

Sunset Garden,
Victory Hill
$5 Hotel
What was left of $5,350 jackpot
after $350 tip to casino employees
and 50-50 split with benefactor
Casino Winnings

$12 Hotel

Serendipity Beach

Bar and Guest House

Rock Formation

Click here for a VIDEO of Sihanoukville trip
Also available at YouTube
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Trip to Koh Samet,

Boarding the Ferry

Koh Samet Island

Fishing Boat

Private Homes

Road to the Beach

My $15 Bungalow

Inside the National Park

Rocky Beach

Modest Beach Business

Up Scale Resort

Click here for a VIDEO of my trip to Koh Samet Island
Also available at YouTube

Back in the USA
Birmingham, New Jersey

My mother's home

This way for my return to Jomtien, Thailand

This way for Letters and Photos from Thailand

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