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April 2006

Photo taken from the ferry
Arriving at Sihanoukville
The ferry in the picture looks the same as the one I was on
Ferry boat pier

I got a comfortable room for $5
MASH, Guest House
The road on which I stayed at MASH on Victory Hill - aka - Weather Station Hill
Victory Hill

The beach where I swam nearest MASH
Victory Beach
Victory Beach looking in the other direction
Monks at Victory Beach

A temple in the park
Victory Beach Park
Another statue and temple
Victory Beach Park

Also known as Wat Utynieng
Wat Krom
I gave these kids some money
Homeless kids at the Wat

Photo taken from Sihanoukville Mountain
Downtown Sihanoukville
Buildings in a small village outside of town
Small Village

Holiday Palace Hotel
Victory Beach hotel
Many fancy new hotels are under contruction
Ochheuteal Beach hotels

Beautiful little bungalows overlooking Otres Beach
Queens Hill Resort
Queens Hill separates Ochheuteal Beach from Otres Beach
Otres Beach from Queens Hill

Fishing village seen from a hill
Fishing village beachside
Beyond this fishing village there are beaches with nobody on them
Fishing village riverside

Beautiful, clean, secluded, deserted beaches stretched for miles
Endless beaches
This little Honda 125 was great
Three dollar rental

Good weed and no trouble
Three dollar bag
I also smoked with the owner of a bar on Victory Hill: 
he said there were no laws pertaining to pot in Cambodia
Smoking on the beach


Three years ago I met Douglas from New Zealand who was just opening this place
My friends Bar
Cambodian lady riding in front of the Moto Bar
Cambodian lady

Had some great times in this NO HOLDS BARRED swimming pool
My room by the pool
$10 a night with aircon, instant hot water, large screen 
TV with over 50 channels (HBO), room service to satisfy anyones needs, and a POOL
View from my bed

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