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March 2006

It was great to wake up and find a wat across the street
View from my window
View of the street from the entrance of my hotel
Loi Kroh Road

The Ping River stretches over 350 miles and connects to the Chao Phraya which goes through Bangkok
Ping River
Chiang Mai bridges are very beautifully decorated
Mae Kha Canal

This moat goes all the way around the old city
Moat around old city
Only parts of the wall that used to go all the way around the city are left
Ruins of wall around the old city

Built in the 16th or 17th century
Wat Puak Hong
Probably inspired by Chinese pagodas
Details of Wat Puak Hong

Christian missionaries were preaching and playing rock and roll music
Park near Wat Puak Hong
The old city is full of narrow streets with wonderful surprises
Beauty along a back street

I would love to build a stand to sell my noodles in Thailand
Noodle stand at night
It's news to me that Pepsico supports weed
Bar sign


Thailands highest mountain and the last in the Himalayan chain
View from the highest mountain in Thailand

Altitude at this point - 8,465 feet
Highest point in Thailand
There is one chedi for the king and one for the queen - all of the flowers are European
Temple for the King

The trees are all covered with moss
Walkway into mountain jungle
I found a nice swimming hole below the falls
Vachiratharn waterfall

The Karens are a tribe of mountain people
Bamboo house in Karen village
The Royal Project is teaching the Karens to make a living without growing traditional opium
Karen woman weaving

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