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"From the Wilds of the Florida Keys"
February 2, 1991

Letter to the Editor - March 18, 1991

I love the picture of Ron Carter with no hair at all!
Lailani Wilson
W Memphis, AR


It's really interesting how a bunch of good hearted people can get together and spend lots of time, gobbs of effort, and heaps of money in an attempt to improvce the lot of someone like our friend Ron - and what do we get? Letters like yours. Yes Lailani, it appears that the polls are swinging heavily in your favor - though the final tabulations are not in yet.
Let me ask you a few things, Lailani. Why does the postmark on your letter read Memphis TN? And how did you get our address? And, not to get personal, but what exactly do you know about hairstyles anyhow? - Eds

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