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"O senseless man, who could not possibly make a worm, but will make Gods by dozens."

Michel de Montaigne

"Every day, people are straying away from the church and going back to God. Really."

Lenny Bruce

Ron "Noodleman" Carter's

Most conversations with a religious person end with them telling you that their religion is right and that all other religions are wrong.

I believe that they are all correct: in that ALL religions are wrong! When you are raised with a particular belief it is like heroin, you become dependent upon it and to break away and allow your mind to make decisions on its own is very difficult. We can certainly see the pitfalls that can ensue. For example, the present day "Crusade" and Jehad. Each person should make an effort to find answers for their spiritual questions for themselves rather than just accept what someone else tells them, or what they read in a book like the Bible or Koran.

I decided to put this page together while tripping on good clean acid at the National Rainbow Gathering in Colorado, July 2006. A conversation came around to religion and I explained my personal feelings and theories to a number of people who asked me to put them in writing. This is what I've written, so far:


I see myself as a noodle, worming my way around in an instant of universal time.

To make this more clear I will tell you about some theories of other men whom I have used in my "unified theory of relativity" or "theory of everything."

Albert Einstein proposed, E=MC2, which answered some scientific questions of matter and energy, and to some extent, time and space.

My friend, Dr. Moser, has written his own theory in a book. As Einstein was looking for the Unified Theory, so is Dr. Moser. His equation is E=MC2=I. "I", standing for instantaneous. What Dr. Moser is saying is that everything that Einstein explained is happening all at the same time.

This makes a lot of sense to me. It explains many things - such as:

People under hypnosis appear to see things in the past that they could not possibly know anything about.

Others, Nostradamis for example, appear to see into the future.

Everyone has experienced thinking about someone and then having them turn the corner right in front of you.

But this still doesn't explain everything without the introduction of the genius of Frank Zappa. I heard him explain his "Theory of the cosmic fart"! He explained (I paraphrase), imagine the universe as a burning fart. A ball of gas burning. All of the stars (matter) burning up. Photograph the universe, he said. Look at the negative and note how much space there is compared to stars, which appear like so much dust on the clear negative. Frank said that what was most important was the space in between. And what is in space? Waves of energy. Vibrations. Good vibs and bad. Frank Zappa said that he was praying when he played his music. And the more good vibes he could put out, the closer he got to God, which he said was the perfect harmony of vibrations at the center of the universe. The perfect harmonic. Good vibes and bad intermingled to create perfection, explained Frank.

So you see, material things that mean so much to us, our cars, our homes, our bodies, are less important than the space in between. Let me explain by using "love" as an example. It is great to touch your partner while making love, but love itself is not tangible. You can't hold love in your hand. It exists in space. An harmonic connection of vibrations being transmitted and absorbed simultaneously by both you and your partner. Reaching for the perfect harmonic.

Now, all this talk of vibrations, brings me to the greatest electrical genius and inventor of all time, Nikola Tesla. He invented the "Tesla coil" which is in almost everyone's automobile. He invented alternating current, along with the generators and motors to capture and harness the energy. He was the man who first harnessed Niagara Falls for electricity, invented neon and fluorescent lighting, radio. That's right, all of the components in Marconi's radio had already been patented by Tesla. Well, Nikola Tesla had an invention that made it possible for all people to have all of the energy they could ever use, wireless, from anywhere! The machine drew its power from the "ether" or the waves of energy in the "space in between"! No company was interested in putting it on the market because it would not be possible for them to charge for the energy used. When Tesla died the US federal government confiscated his records and fenced in all of his properties.

Tesla also said it was possible to communicate thru anything, solid or space. Here is another clue that everything is connected energy.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote of an energy field you laid out behind you that could connect with other peoples fields, interplay, and later cause another more meaningful or purposeful meeting. (I don't know where that thought came from.)

Back to the subject of vibrations. I see everything as circles and waves. Even things that appear solid to us are a liquid of waves. The universe is probably round. On the other side of the coin, the smallest thing is probably a wave. When you reduce a particle down small enough, it is just pure energy. Waves and circles. All sizes and frequencies. Everything is energy.


Circles and waves of all sizes and frequencies. We are able to tune into some of them. If you eperience a tree falling in the forest, you see it fall, you hear the crashing and you feel the thud when it hits the ground. But these are but a small fraction of the frequencies of waves that exist around us. We have enhanced our ability to tune into frequencies beyond our physical capabilities with devices like the radio. But, I believe that a monk in meditation is able to “feel” things beyond what the laymen’s abilities allow. Certainly we have talents beyond sight, hearing and touch which enhance our perceptions.

Often when you first meet someone, you immediately like or dislike them because there are frequencies of vibrations you can tune into. There is often a psychological attraction or repelling in the way magnets attract or repel one another.

Karma is an energy that exists around your body and connects with other peoples karmic energies. Controlling karmic energy can be the key to creating the world around you that you seek throughout your life. Honesty is the key that unlocks this amazing energy and gives you the power that is waiting in space to protect you. Good karmic energy is like a shield that allows you to pass through the negative energies like a triangular plow before you.

Imagine the tip of your finger as an antenna. You could pick up AM & FM radio, TV, short wave, microwaves, light waves, even brain waves! If you send a radio signal toward a distant star, we are told it takes thousands of years for the wave to arrive there. You have been putting out energy waves all of your life. When you die, are those waves still there? I think so. In the mix of other brain waves, etc. A soup of energy. Maybe, when you are conceived, your DNA, which is a crystal, is being formed, twisted, influenced by those forces around it. (The location of the moon, planets and stars for instance, with their forces of gravity, etc. could help explain why astrology appears to have some validity.) I feel, when we are conceived, we draw from that elemental soup of energies to make us what we are.

As Dr. Moser explains, everything is happening at the same time; E=MC2=I. The Big Bang. The universe expands until the power of the initial explosion is equal to the gravitational force caused by the weight of its own matter. At that point, the universe falls back into itself and disappears. Dr. Moser calls this period after disappearing as the "agitated state of nothing." Or, maybe the universe expands into other dimensions as it diminishes in these three. All of this happening in an instant. Pop! And then maybe it does it all again, while other universes are forming and disappearing in the cosmos all around it. Even more circles and waves. Or possibly, as the latest theory states, the universe just continues to expand. We might even be living in the "agitated state of nothing" and the Big Bang is yet to come.

We are such talented little, noodle-like creatures, to be able to worm our way around in this part of this instant, creating time to help us organize things or maybe just to entertain ourselves.

And we have only scratched the surface, because I believe we have the ability to tune into the energy of the universe. That Frank Zappa's perfect harmonic at the center of the universe is actually right here, and everywhere. All waves and circles interconnected, forming an internet that terminates EVERYWHERE. Just put up your antenna and use your noodle!

NOODLEISM - by Ron "Noodleman" Carter, Scientific Theologian


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