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'Noodle man' serves
his last sunset pasta

Photo by Amy Woods

Unusually attired in a tuxedo and a top hat, Sunset Celebration vendor
Ron "Noodle Man" Carter serves his last dishes of pasta on Mallory Pier.

Citizen Reporter

It really was the "last call for noodles" Wednesday night.
For the past four years, the Noodle Man's warning cry on Mallory Pier meant no more noodles until the next sunset.
But on Wednesday, the outspoken vendor with the trademark shaved head, doled out his final dishes of pasta and bid adieu to the Key West crowd.
Though his normal attire consists of a tank top and shorts. he donned tuxedo and top hat for his farewell appearance. But in keeping with the Key West spirit, he kept flip flops on his feet.
Sunset Celebration vendor Ron Carter, whose antics on Mallory Pier have gained him community notoriety as the "Noodle Man" said he's leaving the island to travel - but not for good.

A frequent speaker at city commission meetings. Carter has eloquently defended the cultural diversity on the dock, which he says has been "strangled by bureaucracy".
"It used to be the last bastion of true, free enterprise," Carter said, "but now we are hassled by everyone."
Carter said he'll miss doing his nightly act, which usually consisted of loud announcements from behind his noodle cart, such as, "Don't you dare go away hungry," and "Step right up - get your noodles right here."
Upon his arrival back in Key West, probably in late August or early September, Carter said he'll return to Mallory Pier, but will change his title from vendor to performer.
He also said he's considering entering the political arena.
"Look for a very interesting act from the Noodle Man when I come back," he said.

Video of the Noodleman on Local TV
Video of the Noodleman before the City Commission

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