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Herald Staff Writer

Ron Carter is already known as The Noodleman. Now he wants to be Key West's first Noodle-commissioner.
For the past five years, Carter, 49, has sold pasta with Italian and Chinese toppings at Mallory Square during Sunset Celebration.
In his campaign for the City Commission seat now held by Virginia Panico, Carter said he would refuse to pay the required election fees and would accept no campaign contributions.
His official campaign slogan: "Smoke pot, Expand Your Mind, and VOTE FOR THE NOODLEMAN!"
Other planks in his platform include:
Eliminating private beaches.
Establishing a "free store" where residents can bring unwanted belongings and take others they do need.
Telling the police not to arrest people for smoking marijuana.
Carter, who sleeps in his truck, said he decided to run after watching the City Commission deal with the Sunset Celebration.
"I was very disappointed with the representation we've been getting. It's rather one sided for big business," he said. "I think the little guys should have a shot at making the town better. I think we have valid ideas."
Panico , who is nearing the end of her first four-year term, said she has not made up her mind yet whether to run for re-election. "I will tell everybody when I'm ready." she said.
The City Hall and coffee shop grapevine has been quivering with speculation that Panico is considering a run for mayor against one time incumbent Tony Tarricino.
"Rumors are rumors," Panico said. "No comment."

Only Five Days Later!

May 9, 1991 - Headline - Key West Citizen

Panico Won't Seek Reelection

Noodleman, Now Uncontested

On the Campaign Trail

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