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Completely constructed of wood and one hundred meters high and one hundred meters wide
The Sanctuary of Truth
This temple has been under construction since 1981
Major area of construction

All tourists going inside must wear hard hats because of the constant construction
One almost completed area
Everything hand carved of teak and redwood
Details of this section

Better him than me - damn that must hurt
One of the huge carvings
No two places the same
Amazing details

These huge timbers used for support columns and beams will eventually be covered with carvings
Enormous arches
Images are Khmer, Hindu, Buddhist and of other Asian religions
Hand carved inner walls

The temple is not expected to be completed for another 15 or 20 years
Hand carved ceiling
The temple was begun by a wealthy Chinese man and is being continued by his family
Detail of the ceiling

She obviously brings her children to work with her
Woman working at carving
This butterfly was along the path leading down to the sanctuary
Tropical butterfly


View from the balcony of my apartment just one block from the beach in Pattaya
Veiw from my balcony
I met my Thai friend Timmy in Winnemucca Nevada
back in the 80s. We lost track of each other, but,
one day while riding in the country on a motorbike,
I met Timmy at the Pattaya Elephant Village!
What are the chances of that?

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