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My lady friend Corie in the shade
of rocks fallen from the cliff
Grand Island, Subic Bay, Philippines
Plenty of San Miguel Beer.  That's me
in the center.
Party with friends on Grand Island

Grand Island is located in 
the mouth of Subic Bay
Subic Bay
I also saw cannons like this on
Corregidor Island in the mouth of
Manilla Bay.
WW II cannon on Grand Island


Madrid, Spain

Paris, France

Rome, Italy

Florence, Italy

Geneva, Switzerland

Casino Monte-Carlo, Monaco


I sailed from Key West to Bimini 
with Capt. Finbar and crew
The Wolf in Bimini, Bahama Islands
Holding down the fort
San Juan, Puerto Rico

I left town on Oct 7, 1985, the day of the
Mameyes Disaster when this very steep
hillside collapsed on the city and killed
129 people. (tropical storm Isabel)
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Because of tropical storm Isabel, all my
money was stuck in the bank in Ponce 
so I had to sleep on the beach.
Cruz Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands

This is the ruin of a factory that made
rum from cane sugar
Old ruin on St. John
Photo taken from the plane as I was
being deported.  I'd been incarcerated
for a couple of days after having been
shipwrecked in Cuba.
Jose Marti Airport, Havana, Cuba

My favorite town in Jamaica
Ocho Rios, Jamaica
You can walk on mineral steps,
way up into the jungle
Dunns River Falls, Jamaica

Santo Domingo

Sea Coast

Trash on the Beach

Street Market

Serious Weapons

The Old City

Plaza in Colonial Ciudad

Colonial Street

Tower of Homage

Cannons facing the sea


Anasazi pueblo ruins
Anasazi Pueblo Ruins, Mesa Verde, Colorado


I hiked up the mountain at the left
From Juneau, looking across the lake at the base of the glacier

It was raining all day, so I had to
keep my Nikon under plastic
A composite photo looking down toward the lake

An amazing rain forest
Path going up
The ice seemed to be mysteriously
emitting an eerie blue light
Telephoto close-up of the glacier

As far as I would go
On top of the glacier
Same excuse

To view this photo best, click below for high resolution - 
then click on the photo and click again in the square box
in the lower right of the photo.  You can now scroll to view
everything close-up.
A composite photo looking up the glacier to the left, and to the right, down toward the lake and Juneau
CLICK HERE for a high resolution photograph


Vancouver skyline

Nude sunbathers gather for a group photo
Wreck Beach at UBC

Victoria BC


Inchon - Seoul Airport, South Korea
I flew Singapore Airlines to Bali
Orchids in Singapore


Burmese style temple

Road through Tachileik

(East of Bangkok)

Border Crossing at Poipet

Dusty road back to the Thai border

Koh Kong
(South of Bangkok)

Koh Kong

Friendly lady in front of her store


There was a TV screen on the
back of each seat where you
could watch the progress
of the flight
Plane about to cross the equator

Hindu Temple at Meng Wi

Rice terraces

Balinese woman working in rice paddy

Plowing rice paddy

Sunset at Tanah Lot

This way for the 2005 Summer Trip

Maps of Asian countries I recently visited

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